• Single Session

  • $25/mo
  • (1 mo exp)

  • 50 Pack + 5 FREE

  • $750/mo
  • (12 mo exp)

  • *New Clients* Introductory Promo

  • $25/mo
  • 2 classes
    (1 mo exp)
  • *New Clients* Introductory Promo

  • $75/mo
  • 5 classes
    (1 mo exp)
  • Monthly Unlimited

  • $150/mo
  • 6 Month Membership
    Automatic Renewal
    ($25 registration fee)
    (Converts to a monthly membership after 6 months)

  • Monthly Unlimited

  • $200/mo
  • 1 Month Membership
    NO Commitment
    NO Registration Fee
    NO Auto Renewal


Recurring Billing Cycle: All month-to-month memberships run on a 30 day recurring billing cycle. Initial payments occur at the time of registration and recurring charges debit on that date of each month, according to specified agreements until a membership cancellation is processed.

30-Day Cancellation Policy: A 30-day written notice is required to cancel or terminate any and all memberships. Cancellation is based upon the billing date and will not be prorated. Late notices will result in continued billing until cancellation terms are met. Cancellation fee of $100.00 will be implemented if initial months of agreement are not fulfilled.

Default Billing: All members are required to keep an active credit card or bank account on file for membership dues, retail purchases or default billing.

No Refunds: Once a member registers and pays for this membership tier, there are no any refunds, exchanges or transfers under any circumstances.

Automatic Renewal: Once a term membership has expired, it automatically converts to a month-to-month under the initial terms of your membership until membership cancellation is requested unless the member receives formal notification that Tabata Ultimate Fitness will raise the dues to the month-to-month price. If this happens, the member can elect to cancel with a month notice.

Membership Freeze: Members are entitled to request to freeze their membership 1 time per year at no cost. Past 1 time will cost $50 per freeze period.

No Shows: A $10.00 charge will be applied to your account &/or class will be deducted from your package if you DO NOT cancel 60 minutes prior to start of class time.

Extending Expirations: A $10.00 charge will be applied to your account upon request to extend an expiration per month.

Late/Failed Autopays: A $10.00 charge will be applied to your account.